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15 ani
Somewhere in Alternia

I'm Toony. You'll usually catch me eating food. I might struggle to calm down, but I'll eventually find a way. Also, yes, I'm a female. I find it easier to talk in English. Translate if you want to.

Mâncarea preferată Pizza and Chicken Nuggets (mmmmm)
Băutura preferată Water, Orange juice, Monster Energy Mango Loco
Activitatea preferată în timpul liber Talking to my senpai (you'll find out later)
Sportul preferat Anything that involves martial arts
Cântăreaţa preferată Billie Eilish
Desenele animate preferate The amazing world of gumball (TAWOG)
Personajul de desene animate preferat Darwin Watterson
Jocul preferat pe calculator ROBLOX
Activitatea preferată pe calculator Talking on discord and reading Homestuck
Ce faci cel mai des la calculator Watching youtube, chatting with my friends, looking at memes, playing video games (sometimes), reading Homestuck
Tipul preferat de îmbrăcăminte Hoodie
Culoarea preferată pentru haine Grey, blue, white and black
Autorul preferat no
Cartea preferată Homestuck
Vacanţa ideală Honestly, just go where you really dream of going. Remember to make a plan and make sure everyone (or mostly everyone) agrees.
Raiul pe Pământ World peace
3 lucruri pe care le-ai lua pe o insulă pustie All the essantial stuff u need to survive
Ziua preferată a săptămânii It mostly depends on my mood
Trei calităţi personale I can sing pretty well (I guess), I play the ukulele and my English level is high compared to my classmates
Trei defecte personale Sometimes my mouth shivers because of happiness or anxiety or just at random. I can't roll my
Materia preferată Probably English, because I get to flex on my skills :)
Motto-ul personal sit on my gaming!!1